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Wadi El Neel for Medical Services

Wadi El NeelFounded in 2008, Wadi El-Neel is an Egyptian shareholding company owned mainly by Wadi El-Neel Hospital that provides a full range of high quality healthcare services.

Since the company’s inception, the building blocks of “Wadi El-Neel” have remained financial discipline and service excellence.

At Wadi El-Neel Health Care, we are driven to ensure every person and organization we serve received the greatest possible value for their health care investment. We do this by bringing together members, employers, and providers, making available the best possible information, and together devising solutions that help people enjoy optimal health.

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we-careOur essential plans is offering low coast protection and care because of the high prices of medical care.

family-careThe center of our attention are the patients and their families striving to meet their health care needs.

careWe work with the concepts of honesty ,integrity and the spirit of affiliations.

Easy and Simple Experience!

Everyone at Wadi El-Neel is uncompromising in their commitment to ensure that all our customers have an easy, simple, and productive experience – whether enrolling as a new member, refilling a prescription, or filing a claim

Operational Excellence

We pay fanatical attention to operational excellence, continually refining the advanced platforms and processes that are essential to what we do: delivering a growing range of services in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible to an ever-larger number of people.

Financial Discipline

At every level, we guard our financial resources

Strictly, knowing that financial discipline provides the foundation upon which we can deliver products and services with great value.

Empowering Environment

Underlying the performance in each area is our belief that we take exceptional people, placing them in an empowering environment, and letting them be accountable for their efforts in the best way to exceed expectations in whatever we do.